:: 100 Miles in 30 Days ::

I started this project as a way to get myself refocused and to try to pull myself out of what was becoming a deep depression. I came up with the 100 miles in 30 days challenge. In addition to it being a fitness challenge, it also turned into a graphics challenge. Each day (except days 11 & 20) I made a new graphic. I tried to limit the amount of time spent on each graphic to 30 mins, then as I came up with more complex designs that required me to take new photos, I upped it to an hour or less. All photos were taken by me except days 7,17 & 23 which are photos of me. People have enjoyed seeing the progress and a few have even joined me! I'll be updating this page daily until the challenge is up! Join Me in this fitness challenge, we can do it!

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