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"The Perfect Woman Awakens"
A modern day adaptation of Kate Chopin's novel "The Awakening" utilizing fetish imagery to signify the trappings of the female role in society.
4 mins 28 seconds
Berlin Porn Film Festival 2013

"Deconstructed Beauty" - Trailer
A woman struggles against conventional ideals of beauty to discover her own identity.
9 mins 28 seconds
Cinematography : Cory Snyder, Music : Joe Goretti (Feb 2013) Cinekink Film Festival 2013, Local Project Gallery NYC 2013, Red Hand Gallery Denver 2013, Berlin Porn Film Festival 2013, Budapest 2014, Marais Festival Paris 2014

"The Art Project" - Trailer
Bella Vendetta thinks she's going to be posing for an artist but ends up becoming a work of art herself.
5 mins 48 seconds
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, Red Hand Gallery, Denver*

Explores sexuality as it relates to societal norms and gender roles.
2 mins 30 seconds
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, New England Erotic Arts Festival, Cinekink NYC, Kiel Fetisch Film Festival, Red Hand Gallery Denver*

"Dolls Fit"
A twisted representation of the gender roles forced on young women by their mothers and society. 4 mins 56 seconds.
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, Cinerotic, Cinekink NYC, Athens Porn Film Festival, PopPorn Festival (Brazil, Rio, Uruguay) *

"Masturbation Roulette"-trailer
A woman plays a game of life, sex, and death.
5 mins 56 seconds.
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, MIX Festival Brazil, Red Hand Gallery Denver*

Explores the Domme-Sub dynamic through language.
2 mins 14 seconds.
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, Cinekink (NYC, LA, DC), Kiel Fetisch Festival*

A violent surreal depiction of a woman's inner struggle to accept her deviant desires. 2 versions - 70 mins & 18 mins.
*Berlin Porn Film Festival, Baltimore Erotic Art Show, LA Erotic Art Festival, AVN Nominee*

"Skin's 1st Suspension" - trailer
A beautiful representation of a sub's headspace during her first suspension. 2 mins 49 seconds
Cinekink (NYC, LA, Chicago), Berlin Porn Film Festival, Kiel Fetisch Film Festival

"Latex Dreams" - trailer
A woman, sleeping in latex gloves, stockings, hood, and bedding, dreams of a blonde latex clad woman coming in her bed and taking her.
13 mins 47 seconds.
*Berlin Porn Film Festival 2011*

"Cocksucker" - trailer
Debates the submissive nature of a blowjob in an attempt to convince more women to suck cock. 7 mins, 20 seconds.
*The Dirty Show, Detroit & LA, Cinekink NYC, Berlin Porn Film Festival, Feminist Porn Award Honorable Mention, Cinerotic, Kiel Fetisch Film Festival*

"Women in Erotica", documentary
Profiles several women in various fields in erotica. Candida Royalle, Lori Mann, Suzannah Gerber, Jeanette Thompson, Madison Young, Julie Simone, Audacia Ray. 9 mins 30 seconds
*National Queer Arts Festival, SF*

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