To be Caged. A fear shared by many. To be locked up and locked away from all that we've become accustomed to. All that we're surrounded by, all that we've started to take for granted is suddenly beyond our reach.

Rather than fear this solitude, this separation, why not revel in it and find the beauty within? , the beauty of this new space in this new place in which we've found ourselves... The muddle of the outside world is no longer a factor, clouding up our heads or our perceptions.

Housed in wicker, kept there with rope restraints and a chain, I'm at peace. No pressures from the outside world, no scrutinizing eyes tearing me apart. The only eyes that matter are my own and what they take in. In my cage I can finally feel beautiful. I can say what I want. I can think what I want. I can be what I want. And I can finally sleep.




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