Too often it's miscommunication. The evil Eve thrusts her sex on yet another word, giving it a bad connotation.

We're intelligent beings with the ability to walk upright and utilize the Romantics' foe - you know it as logic... Why is it such a task for us all to get along?

Why is what comes out of ones mouth rarely the version heard by another? Are we capable of clearing our minds of the past experiences that shape, but mostly cloud, our objectivity? Are we even capable of such a state or does it only exist in the theories in our textbooks?

In college I learned that even documentaries have subliminal messages - we are mere puppets of the director, who molds our opinions into what he wants with camera angles, settings and depth of field. Yes, the male sex, the almightly Adam, does evil too, my friends.

Of course, not all directors are men. What is the PC term for a female director? "Directoress"? Sounds too much like "waitress" or "stewardess", not indicative of a lofty position at all... "Directa"? I think that would be the correct latin feminine ending, though I'm embarrassed to say most of that knowledge attained for my 'A's has left me. I hope its new owner uses it more wisely and is able to hold onto it:)

What to say, when to say it, how to say it, to whom to say it... I think as time goes by we lose it all. The new generation's grasp <or really, their lack of it> of the English language and communication, often of the female form, is appalling. Then again, you could be saying that about me as you sit and read (hear) my drivel before you.




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