Lessons in Torture

Some people go to shrinks. Others take walks in the park. Me, I have a more unconventional method to exorcize my demons. I call these sessions "Lessons in Torture"

Lesson I : Jute Twine

For this lesson or exercise, I start off a typical girl. There's nothing unusual about me. The make-up, the hair, it's all part of a package; a package that needs to be wrapped with the wrapping destroying that which it contains or at least how it's seen by the outside world.

It's all about contrast. The rough texture of the twine against my skin. The girl in the gown made into a FREAK.

Being beautiful is easy - a little mascara here, eyeliner there, lipstick applied in just the right shade. Taking it away or changing it into something else is empowering.

Some may think this is sick. This is my therapy. Constructing and deconstructing my own reality, where I fit into the grand scheme of things. I get off on taking myself to different heights: from beauty queen to something grotesque and back again with a swift and mighty pull of our friend, the Jute Twine.

Those of you who are watching my act can never look at my beauty the same. Once destroyed in your presence, it ceases to exist even though the destroying element, the jute twine, has been removed. In your eyes, it remains. It's who I am.

Class Dismissed.




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