Panic Attack

i'm sitting at my computer and i can feel them biting me

i look down and see nothing

but i can feel them jumping on me and biting me

i tell myself it's nothing and continue to slave away at the machine but i know they're there.

i can feel them

i look down again and i see nothing
now they're on my legs hopping around

i run my hands across my skin in hopes of knocking them off
so i can concentrate on the task at hand

they're relentless

they won't stop biting
they won't stop hiding

i know they're there.
i can feel them

i try to make myself relax
i take a boiling hot shower so i can burn them off my skin
and cleanse the microscopic wounds from their bites

i go back to my desk
where the attack starts all over again




2003-2011 Deconstructed Beauty Projekt