Twisted Alice

I was walking in Wonderland when I came upon the oddest creature. "Tie Me", she said with a devlish grin. "What could she mean?", I wondered. "Tie Me!!" , she said again, though this time with an impatient air. Because of my confused stare or her assumption of my incompetence, she began to do it herself, starting with her delicate arches.

Watching her move the natural fibers with such dexterity and swiftness inspired me and so I joined in. We harmonized where once I only watched . I attached one foot and then the other to the high-backed chair on which she sat.

Her hands, what feisty beings they became the tighter the ropes were tied.. And so, like their neighbors they were secured as well.

By now she was quite contrary. Perhaps our aria was longer and more intense than had anticipated. Deciding the adage "Children should be seen and not heard" was correct, I gagged her and left, and went looking for something to drink.




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