Sometimes I feel as if I'm surrounded by nothing but walls. Every day a new one appears and cuts me off from the rest of the world.

I'm tired of getting out of bed only to bang my head against the wall that appeared out of nowhere while I was lost in slumber. I turn to go the other way and a new wall appears. I turn again and smack right into yet another wall..

Some of these walls are more than bricks and mortar. They've got protruding steel blades that cut right through me and leave me bleeding. I can't run for help. I can't run away, for there's another wall right in my way...

If I were made of glass it would be even worse. Each bang would instead be a crash and my remains would be scattered all over the floor. My attempts to pick up the shards that once made up my form would only cut me further. The cycle would be endless : I'd glue myself back together only to be shattered again, only to cut myself again during the process of rebuilding...

Damn these walls

Who's building them?




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